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15 minutes. Twice a week. That's all it takes to get started.

As a teacher, I always wished my students could work better in teams, argue less, and be more caring and interested in the ideas and lives of their peers. I recognized that in order to see that kind of change, I would need to make and intentional and consistent shift in the way I approached teaching and learning;

I needed to provide my students with ample opportunities to practice before I could expect them to successfully navigate the complexity of working in teams.

I rarely see adults working respectfully and equally in teams, so how could I expect my 3rd graders to suddenly achieve this kind of interpersonal work without any direction!

That's where UsPlus comes in.

Our resources come for free to teachers, require only 15 minutes to get started, and have a lasting impact on our kids. We've conducted tons of research with teachers, educators and leaders and here's what we've found so far:

  • 100% of UsPlus teachers believe that teaching and reinforcing bite-sized habits can have a big impact in the long run

  • 100% strongly agree with the statement, "I think teaching interpersonal skills to my students is important."

At UsPlus, we believe that learning to be a helpful teammate, a deep listener, and a strong self-advocate is just as important as learning how to read, write, and do mathematics.

You may be thinking, “Of course I want my students to develop these skills, but I have no time!” We’ve been there and we understand. UsPlus is here to help teachers implement mindful, low-lift and high impact resources that develop these interpersonal competencies.

We’ve done the research and the heavy-lifting for you, because your time is so precious.

In addition to providing you with a learning plan, a scope and sequence, anchor charts, and worksheets, we are available for 1:1 consulting to ensure your experience is as easy and beneficial to your students’ needs as possible. Together, we know it is possible for our students to develop as strong communicators and collaborators!

Stoked to have you on this journey with the #UsPlusteam. We're here for you.

Talk soon - Bene


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